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Are all UNITY® bulbs and LIGHTCARD™ LED inserts certified?

Yes! All UNITY® LED bulbs and LIGHTCARD™ inserts are ETL approved.

For more information on the ETL certification, click here.

Are UNITY®  lightbulbs dimmable?


What type of light bulb is better: LED, Fluorescent, or Halogen?

In our opinion, LEDs are far superior. LED bulbs consume much less energy,

generate very little heat, and last significantly longer than any other alternatives.

Can the UNITY® bulb be used in any light fixture?

You can use the bulb in any existing E26 socket that is not directly exposed to the elements.


What is the LIGHTCARD™ LED insert?

The LIGHTCARD™ LED insert is a slim card populated with an LED and other short-life electronic components.

These components on the LIGHTCARD™ have a much shorter lifespan than the bulb housing.

Once these short-life components have served their purpose and are ready to be replaced, take the LIGHTCARD™ out of the bulb housing and replace it with a new LIGHTCARD™ LED insert that your desired wattage (power consumption) and kelvin (color temperature)!

Why should I choose UNITY® over the plethora of other LED lightbulbs already on the market?

UNITY® LED light bulbs are equally (or more) energy efficient than conventional LED light bulbs. The UNITY® bulb uses an easily replaceable and recyclable LIGHTCARD™ LED insert designed to minimize waste as only the insert needs to be replaced, not the entire bulb, leading to a more environmentally sustainable solution.

UNITY® vs The Competition: A Story of Cost

By switching to energy efficient lighting, you can light your home using the same amount of light but for less money! Lighting accounts for around 15% of an average home's electricity (Source).

While the initial cost of a UNITY® bulb may be higher than some competitive offerings, the cost of the bulb will be cheaper over the lifetime of the unit when taking into account the longevity of the product and the long-term cost of energy.

Why UNITY® lightbulbs have slot on the rim?

UNITY® LED light bulbs need LIGHTCARD™ LED insert to work. The components that the lightbulb was constructed from have a long lifespan, it simple doesn't make sense to dispose of the bulb which is perfectly fine to continue to serve its purpose for a lifetime. As such we, at Omachron, separated short-life components to be replaced once they failed and keep using the bulb with all it's parts for a lifetime.

I want to change the color or intensity of my UNITY® bulb. What do I do?

Simply pull the LIGHTCARD™ LED insert out of the bulb housing and replace it with a new LIGHTCARD™ LED insert that has the wattage and Kelvin values you desire.

What are the benefits of the LIGHTCARD™ LED Insert?

UNITY® LED light bulbs last longer because the short-life components are mounted on an easy to replace, recyclable LIGHTCARD™ LED insert. This design fulfills the objective of disposing ONLY the component(s) that are actually failed, not the parts that are still perfectly functional. The rest of the precious resources that are used to build the UNITY® bulb such as the plastic housing and aluminum base continue to be used for a lifetime.

The LIGHTCARD™ LED insert allows the world to DO MORE WITH LESS™. Less power and less waste result in a better, brighter, and more sustainable future.

Can I use UNITY® light bulbs outside?

Yes - but they must not be exposed directly to any form of water.

In the photo on your right - three 1.6W 5,000K lightbulbs sufficiently illuminate the entire driveway which is over 50 feet long.

1.6W 5,000K

What are the color temperatures and wattages available?


1.6W - 20W replacement

150 Lumens

3,000 K

Warm & soft light


1.6W - 20W replacement

160 Lumens

5,000 K

Cold & bright daylight


4W - 40W replacement

310 Lumens

3,000 K

Warm & soft light


4W - 40W replacement

350 Lumens

5,000 K

Cold & bright daylight


7W - 50W replacement

530 Lumens

3,000 K

Warm & soft light


7W - 50W replacement

600 Lumens

5,000 K

Cold & bright daylight

Are UNITY® and LIGHTCARD™ LED insert a universal solution?

We don’t claim that this innovation is the panacea of lighting, however this technology, once adopted by many, will make a significant positive impact on the world. In addition to the fantastic work other innovators in the world are producing, this technology is a major step in the right direction towards sustainability. We continue to improve and expand the offerings that incorporate this technology.

What other applications can this technology be used in? Are they available?

Omachron® has developed a wide range of potential usages of this technology.

For a bespoke solution, contact us directly with details about your unique project.

Examples of the projects we have solutions for are:

Pot Lights - Street signs - Road signs - House signs - Art frame illumination - Closet shelving - Table lamp structures - Etc.

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