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The world will look very different in the next few short years and we believe that our lighting innovations will be a positive contribution to this change.


The history of the light bulb began long before Edison patented the first commercially successful bulb in 1879.

Today - almost 150 years later - the Omachron® team wants to make a change that will reduce the environmental impact of light bulbs. This led us to develop our LIGHTCARD™ technology, with the ultimate goal of Sustainable Technology for a Better Future®.


By late 2019, we were confident that the technology was well on its way to becoming a commercial product, so we presented it to the public for the first time, in the presentation that can be seen in this short video.

The challenge of Do More With Less is the ultimate goal to a successful future, and the UNITY® lightbulbs are the next stage in the evolution of lighting technology for a better, brighter, more sustainable future. 


The UNITY® LIGHTCARD™ LED insert is an innovative approach that will change the world one light bulb at a time!

An Early Prototype

The premise is bold yet simple:

  • More Efficient - we added a large heat sink and a superior lens.

  • Replace Only What's Needed - all the components that can fail are in one place - the LIGHTCARD™.

  • Re-use The Largest Components - When the light bulb burns out, simply replace the LIGHTCARD™ and retain the light bulb housing - which is 93% of the product's total weight.


Original Product Testing

Our Products

Omachron® Lighting Inc. manufactures under contract patent protected technology of UNITY® LED lighting products. For more information about Omachron® patents protecting this technology, visit this site.


The UNITY® Lightbulb housing is designed to last a lifetime

(90+ years based on 3 hours /day usage).
Each LIGHTCARD™ LED insert is designed to last more than 20 years

(based on 3 hours /day usage).

Switching from any type of lighting, including conventional LEDs to UNITY® LIGHTCARD™ technology is a very simple action that can be done by everyone and will greatly positively impact the global energy crisis and pollution problems – one LIGHTCARD™ LED insert at a time.   This innovation will also divert millions of tons of E-waste from landfills every year making it far more environmentally and economically sustainable than current LED light bulbs.


Our Technology - Licensing Opportunities


If you are interested in licensing our lighting technology send us a message.

Thanks for submitting!

Omachron® combines imagination, advanced research, hard work, and a genuine concern for the future of our world to develop "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future"™. 

Omachron® innovations in lighting address many aspects of environmental sustainability which enables designers and building owners to create amazing lighting experiences for interior, exterior, accent, hallway, art, parking, and sign illumination, and more.

Omachron® UNITY® lighting technology embraces Do More With Less notion, it can save enough energy to enable energy off-sets for electric vehicle charging and other needs.

Installing and using patented UNITY® LIGHTCARD™ technology enables anyone to make a significant positive impact on the world and the future – one LIGHTCARD™ LED insert at a time.   This innovation can divert millions of tons of E-waste from landfills annually versus current LED light bulbs.

This technology is available for licensing.

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