What is the LIGHTCARD™ LED insert?

The LIGHTCARD™ LED insert is the heartbeat of the UNITY® lightbulb.

It is a narrow replaceable strip with LEDs, and once an LED burns out, you simply replace it with a new strip. The rest of the bulb continues to be used as normal.


How Does It Work?

It's simple, intuitive, and amazing!


It's as easy as installing an SD card.

Check out the video!






You have a light fixture with 6 identical bulbs. One bulb burns out, so you go to replace it, only to find out they no longer sell the same style.

You want to change the color or intensity of your lights

Do You...

Replace all of your bulbs, including the ones that still work?

Replace only the burned out bulb, even though the rest look different?


Do you keep the bulb housing and replace only the LIGHTCARD™ LED insert?

Environmental Impact

Would you throw your car away because it has a burned out headlight?


Similarly why to throw away a bulb which is made to last over 100,000 hours,

when it's only the 20,000 hour LED that has burned out?

The UNITY® lightbulb is one of the first of its kind, allowing you to only replace the burned out element - the LIGHTCARD™ LED insert.


This simple approach reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by an order of magnitude.

LIGHTCARD and UNITY light bulb


  • More efficient than any conventional LED light bulbs;

  • Ubiquitous as it easily plugs into any standard E26 light bulb housing.

  • It is completely recyclable.

  • They have much lower total cost of ownership