What is the LIGHTCARD™ LED bulb insert?


LIGHTCARD™ LED bulb insert is a heart of UNITY® Lightbulb.

It is small, it is populated with LEDs and it's replaceable.

How Does It Work?

It is simple, intuitive and amazing!

As easy as plugging SD card.

Check out in this video:

LIGHTCARD™ = flexibility, style and waste reduction.

Imagine you bought conventional lightbulbs for your living room 5 years ago, now one of them burned out, what are the odds of finding exactly the same style light bulb to match the rest?... pretty slim, now you are facing a dilemma:

Do I replace all of them right now?

Do I replace just the burned out and ignore that one bulb looks different?

Do I get creative and place a new lightbulb strategically, and pretend I meant it? 


UNITY® Lightbulbs designed to replace only the components that need to be replaced and keep the components that are in perfect working condition.


To changed burned out lightbulb, the only thing you need to do is to pull out a LIGHTCARD™ and replace it with a new one, you don't even need to unscrew the lightbulb housing. It can be replaced in place.

It is that simple!

And! if you are maintaining a large building and need to change 100 lightbulbs in the building? Carrying a box of LIGHTCARD™ LED bulb inserts is not even comparable to a box with 100 lightbulbs.

UNITY® Lightbulbs use interchangeable LIGHTCARD™ LED bulb inserts with different light intensities and color.

Why does it matter for the environment?

Most of the lightbulbs on the market are a disposal commodity, this includes conventional LED lightbulbs. As you may know, in any LED lightbulb - LEDs are the first to go after they reached useful life, but at that time, the rest of the components are still in perfect working order for years to come. Currently most of these components go into landfill once LED is burned out. It makes no sense.

The good news, you don't need to do it anymore.

UNITY® Lightbulb requires only LIGHTCARD™ LED insert to be replaced.


The rest of the lightbulb (power supply, aluminum heatsink, electronics, housing and lenses) that last approximately 100,000 hours (10-25 years depending on usage) remain for their entire usefulness life. This reduces amount of waste by an order of magnitude.

LIGHTCARD and UNITY light bulb

LIGHTCARD™ options

UNITY® Lightbulbs use interchangeable LIGHTCARD™ LED bulb inserts with different light intensities and color.

1.6W = 25W replacement 

4.0W = 60W replacement

7.0W = 100W replacement

All wattages come in 2,900K and 5,000K

the same technology is available for pot lights.

Types of lighting LIGHTCARD™ can be used in.

Currently we offer commercially lightbulbs with medium base E26 and a low profile, easy to install pot lights.


This technology can be used in a wide variety of products from lighbulbs and pot lights to large ceiling fixtures, light panels, billboards, designer lighting fixtures and more.

If you have specific lighting project you would like to incorporate Omachron® technology in, contact us and we will try to help.