Our Story

The world will look very different in the next few short years and we believe that our lighting innovations will be a positive contribution to this change.


The history of the light bulb began long before Edison patented the first commercially successful bulb in 1879, and today - almost 150 years later - the Omachron team wants to make a change that will reduce the environmental impact of light bulbs. This led us to develop our LIGHTCARD™ technology, with the ultimate goal of Sustainable Technology for a Better Future®.


By late 2019, we were confident that the technology was in well on its way to becoming a commercial product, and so we presented to the public for the first time, in a presentation that can be seen in this short video.


An Early Prototype

The UNITY®  LIGHTCARD™ insert is an innovative new technology that will change the world one lightbulb and one LIGHTCARD™ insert at a time! 


The premise is bold yet simple: produce an LED light bulb that is more efficient than other current LED light bulbs, by utilizing a large heat sink and a superior lens (which you keep for decades) – and put the parts that will wear out into a LIGHTCARD™ insert that you simply swap out.

Original Product Testing

Our Products

Planet Earth Lighting Corporation Inc. manufactures under contract patent protected technology of UNITY® line of LED lighting products which consist of lightbulb housing or pot light assembly, and a user-replaceable LIGHTCARD™ LED insert. For more information about Omachron patents protecting this technology, visit this site.


The UNITY® Lightbulb housing is designed to last a lifetime (90+ years based on 3 hours /day usage).
Each LIGHTCARD™ LED insert is designed to last more than 20 years (based on 3 hours /day usage).